Sunday, November 9, 2008

sunday leisure

after visiting julian, and delivering him a new toy dinosaur, paul and i came home to descend upon our own projects. i've been working on a three-pendent necklace with vintage star rhinestones sprinkled along the tops, and managed to finish it today!
concrete heart
dino riderthe finished necklace: three vintage chandelier crystals enveloped in crocheted wire with vintage star rhinestones


Tianna said...

yesterday was a good day...i found it all to be very relaxing. thank you for coming and bringing my boy a big dinosaur.

p.s. that necklace is crazy/beautiful like the movie.


the necklace is breathtaking! i just peeked over at your etsy shop i really like what your doing .
you should make earrings like this they would be very cool.