Friday, May 30, 2008

Earnest Cut And Sewn

Been wanting a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans for awhile. I've been wanting a pair of nice Japanese Denim and at Earnest Sewn they apply the same aesthetic. Here's the one I got. Selvedge Denim too oh la la.

Totokaelo/Impulse Seattle

Just found this cool site/store/blog. I love, love, love everything they have. I mean everything. They have tons of pictures and views. Its kinda of confusing though. I guess the blog is where you can see stuff and call if you wanna purchase. But when I click on the top link to access the online boutique/community it goes to another site where it looks like you can shop directly. It does require a membership that is invite only. Let see if they choose me.

Anyways I love it and sorry for all the pictures. Couldn't narrow it down to less. Oh and
they are in Seattle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


How cute is she!
Didn't think in a million years those ears could be fashionable in the real world.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita makes cute shoes but did you know they also have super cute dresses. They run about $200 average so they are not totally cheap. Check my picks out...

Magic Indeed

Saw this on the Sartorialist and forgot that I've been meaning to post about this. I use this wonderful creamy jar of goodness on my bangs. I have since run out and have been suffering since. The one I have is a white jar with a gray lid. I am assuming the one pictured is the men's kind. Anyways its like the perfect mixture of hold, non-greazy-ness, and smoothing. It gives that day after look without the gunky feeling. Love it. Need more.
p.s. I get mines from Oxenrose. Haven't seen it sold anywhere else. I tried to do a search online for it with limited success, well for the white jar that is.

Gotta have Faith

Here's a shoe site, FAITH, I found looking at one of my fav shoe/blog sites Shoewawa They are based out of the UK. Prices are pretty good too. I just ordered these boots below (but in black since brown was not available in my size). Let you know how it turns out once I get 'em. They were about $37 when I convert to USD and with shipping it came out to $77. Damn I just realized it wasn't that cheap after all. When you look it seems cheap at 39 GBP but I guess not. Oh well.

alex and chloe

the alex and chloe line of jewelry, (which now includes sunglasses!) is one of my favorites. its perfect in that it balances dainty with dark, feminine with masculine. though i have never purchased anything from them (they're a bit expensive for me at the moment), i'm no stranger to their online shop. here are some recent favorites...

le pendule necklace, oxidized silver $210
anneau solitaire 14K - diamant champagne inverse $440gold tooth necklace $360alex's octopus brooch $56 santa cruz sunglasses $190goujon triple anneau de diamant $980bauhaus mini-charm necklace $58

Monday, May 19, 2008

sewing the time away

this weekend began with a sick day, starting with friday's cough and sore throat. i stayed home, but being that i get stir crazy after a few hours, i felt it was time to make a new summer dress. this is not the first time i've made a dress while stranded at home. a year ago while quarantined for a week with poison oak, i made a 3/4 length sleeve empire waist dress out of vintage fabric. the print was of white daisies amidst a bright green and orange background. it was aptly named the 'poison ivy' dress. i had sketched a dress a few months ago that originally would use a dark blue satin. instead i chose a mint green daisy print. i had in mind the simple feminine dress that wendy peffercorn wore in the sandlot.i began with a sketch: though it was more detailed than wendy's, its still a simple cotton dress.
i drew the body, paul drew the head...the pleats would prove to be the most difficult aspect. i had to tear out a few sets of seams. i was able to tuck the straps into the middle pleat seam, AND the chest darts are hidden by the outer pleats! once the top was finished, i moved on to the skirt, which i decided to pleat also. i added pockets hidden in the side seam. the zipper took a few tries, and being that my old machine was having issues with the cotton, i went over the zipper seams a few times... lastly, i hand-stitched the hem, which hits a few inches above the knee. to hem dresses, i usually use the width of my thumbnail as a guide. now i need a nice warm day to debut!

Sales Sales everywhere

Friday, May 9, 2008

Can't leave ebay alone

Yes I got back into ebay again. Seems like I keep fallin' in & outta love with this site. Lately it has been on my good side and I have been fiendishly searching it like everyday. Shame on me. Oh well. Here's some stuff that have caught my eye...

Just won this lovely APC shirt.
Also got these Bally boots! So pretty. I think they retail for $740 but I got them for $300
with option to return if I change my mind. Haven't gotten it yet but I hope they fit!I returned the other boot I posted previously. They were beautiful but the calves were too big (and I never have that problem with my calves!)

Missed out on this. Boo hoo.

I am watching this one. It's now at like $21. Love the little horses!

Finish the outfit

J Crew has been killin' it lately. I love so many things that have been coming from them. Unfortunately their prices have gotten hight along with it. Anyways I have been eyeing this "avocado" and gray taffeta skirt of theirs. But when I really think about it. What would I wear it with since I don't dress up often. The only thing I could come up with is the shoes. They would have to be my lovely white jazz shoes that are oh so comfy. So what top would go with it? hmmm...

Here's the other color which is alright but u can see how it fits when worn on the model. Makes me just wanna do couple twirls.

northern exposure

last weekend, paul and i decided it was time to get out of the city in search of something slower, so we headed up north. we rented a room at inn at the tides in bodega bay (killer pool and hot tub!), where we were surrounded by rolling green hills and grazing cows. after eating fresh oysters for lunch, we ventured through occidental/sebstopol/santa rosa way. what would the trip be without a little shopping.... there were artsy shops here and there, but my FAVORITE was aubergine, a vintage store in downtown occidental... hands down the best vintage store i've been to. they have a vintage clothing buyer that sends them bushels of clothes from holland. every inch of the store was covered in treasure. there were racks upon racks of clothes, shelves of shoes, boots, belts, bags, cases of sunglasses, jewelry... i made it out with minimal damage, though the quality of the items and prices were incredible- a miniature purse ($18) and blue scarf with rope detail ($9.95). the perfect touch is that they wrap your purchase up in a vintage scarf rather than a plastic bag! eco friendly and fun! i will somehow make it back there...