Friday, May 9, 2008

Finish the outfit

J Crew has been killin' it lately. I love so many things that have been coming from them. Unfortunately their prices have gotten hight along with it. Anyways I have been eyeing this "avocado" and gray taffeta skirt of theirs. But when I really think about it. What would I wear it with since I don't dress up often. The only thing I could come up with is the shoes. They would have to be my lovely white jazz shoes that are oh so comfy. So what top would go with it? hmmm...

Here's the other color which is alright but u can see how it fits when worn on the model. Makes me just wanna do couple twirls.

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kate said...

i think you could wear a white tank top with it, or grey for that matter. but def something simple. i like the skirt a lot though!! for those new yorkers out there, a j crew is opening in what used to be liquor store bar on w. broadway and white. i'm actually bummed about it- it was a great bar. plus j crew in tribeca??? ah!