Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Saw this cutie sandals in a google search from Irregular Choice. They are old and no longer available though. Anyways they remind me of the new Adidas x Jeremy Scott collection here:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gotsta have those pants!

Wow those are the shit! Or is it a skirt? Whatever the color is incredible!
Check here for more of the H&M Spring 2009 Lookbook.

Here's a nice shirt too. H&M will be the death of me!! (Or at least the debt.)


time to travel back to our places of origin and enjoy some familiar company and home cooked libations...

Killer Vintage

So I was checking Yokoo's Flickr page because I guess she uses it as her blog and came across these lovees (see above). They were so awesome. Anyways, she was raving about this etsy seller lisazain so I had to check her out. Man she has some really "killer" stuff for real and at good prices too. Of course I copped a couple items to go in my winter wardrobe since they were too cheap to pass up; and brand new vintage at that. Here's what I got:

Me likes

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marc Jacobs Bugaboo

Now you want to have a kid huh? This is pretty cool but I would have to pass. I have a standard Bugaboo and I am afraid to leave that anywhere outta my site. If I had this I'd be more worried about the stroller than the baby (well, not really but you get the point, you have enough things to worry about). These are to only be sold and the famous Collette is Paris.

IMG/INFO: High Snobiety

rainbow cake

i was surfing ffffound and came across this exquisite mountain of happy (from chaos theory cakes). not only is the design fun and unique, but it looks like it would taste heavenly...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr. Obama x Project Runway

This site asks past Project Runway contestants if they could design Michelle's Inaugural Ball dress what would they do. Here are some of the sketches. What do you think?

Also check out this site dedicated to out new first lady's fashion.

sewing project

in the works: a fringe jacket like the one kate moss did for topshop (which is selling for $300 on ebay), the very same one alison mosshart wore when i saw her perform at the treasure island music fest. though i bought 7 yards of black fringe at britex fabric, i'm left with a half-fringed jacket until i can restock. so far its coming along nicely...
alison mosshart on stage, and in the kills "tape song" video which includes a few clips of jack white :)i made a very basic blouse pattern from silk. i'm attaching the fringe to the sleeves as flat pieces and will close up the sleeves at the end. more photos to come i hope...

Friday, November 21, 2008

faring poorly friday

i am home sick today, not fun as i am already bored. my body just isnt used to sleeping in and refuses to rest any longer. so i am going to plop myself on the couch and watch a few old movies. staying home sick from school as a kid meant momma (grandma) would come to take care of me and we would watch the AMC channel and eat popsicles. she loved old movies and taught me all the actors and actresses. she also gave me her old film star scrapbook, which she had filled with signed photos from her favorites. i miss her terribly...
the book and momma (selma by name, she is seated on the far left, her sister margaret on the far right)


More etsy love here. This batch of lovely jewelry comes from a store called kjoo. I have a thing for ethnic-ee jewelry.

Oh Leanne

Apparently I'm a little late because Leanne Marshall, recent winner of project runway was selling some of her line on Etsy. Check her message above. I'm still waiting for a Project Runway winner or even a contestant for that matter, bring there talent to the masses. Here's a few pieces off her Leanne's website Leanimal.com

A card

Got this cute card for Aaron's bday and thought Sarah would love it too.
She has a thing for double seater bicycles. Happy Friday!


I was counting the days until I can bid and win this item but the daggone thing was pulled. Shit! It was the perfect size and its from one of my fav designers Rachel Comey. I think someone put in an offer. Damn damn damn! Oh well better luck next time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iconoclasts indeed

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to check out Iconoclasts on the IFC channel. It was soooo good. The 2 paired up were Stella McCartney and Ed Ruscha. I didn't know much about Ed but as I watched I recalled his work and fell in love with it. He does amazing paintings primarily with type which I would discribe as fine pop art. Also since I am a graphic designer, he shows how beautiful type is and what you can do with it. His work sells at auctions for millions. Anyways it was great seeing 2 people on top of their game in aww of each other (mainly Stella being the huge fan). Stella even propositioned Ed to do a piece with her. Wow! Of course Stella is amazing as well. She shows us why all her work is so well tailored and how hard she works. Go on girl!

Stella latest line for Adidas. So Lovely.

I just got these shoes from her Adidas collection too!

Holla holla holla

One of my most favoritest sites, Creatures of Comfort is have a sale!!! I never bought anything from here but I love to drool over all their amazing clothes. Here are my picks (drool)...

Still need to get me these harem-esque pants!

APC makes chinese slippers! Love!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

arts and crafts

i always pass by this green apartment building on my walk home. it gives off a glow that i've tried to capture a few times on camera, this is the best i could do. i'm really into leaves and shadows lately...
maybe organic things in general are catching my eye and influencing my arts and crafts.
more projects are in the works, as the weather gets chillier. one i finished:
one that i'm stewing over: possible bag made from scrap fabric and old boots. the boots have served me well, and i would hate to throw them away. so they will be reincarnated as something just as nice. the fabric was a scrap form my textile class. it was a silkscreen practice swatch i believe...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

coffee squad

megan and i trekked through the weird san francisco weather to get ourselves a soy latte at starbucks. yes i am wearing shorts with an overcoat. today its 55, yesterday it was 75. what the hell...