Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iconoclasts indeed

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to check out Iconoclasts on the IFC channel. It was soooo good. The 2 paired up were Stella McCartney and Ed Ruscha. I didn't know much about Ed but as I watched I recalled his work and fell in love with it. He does amazing paintings primarily with type which I would discribe as fine pop art. Also since I am a graphic designer, he shows how beautiful type is and what you can do with it. His work sells at auctions for millions. Anyways it was great seeing 2 people on top of their game in aww of each other (mainly Stella being the huge fan). Stella even propositioned Ed to do a piece with her. Wow! Of course Stella is amazing as well. She shows us why all her work is so well tailored and how hard she works. Go on girl!

Stella latest line for Adidas. So Lovely.

I just got these shoes from her Adidas collection too!

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