Thursday, August 28, 2008

heel toe heel toe slide slide slide

I love all these triangle-esque heels coming out. I first saw it from Chloe. I especially like the purple suede ones from Nine West. Ooh la la. For some reason they took them off their site, Last I saw, it was due to come out in October, weird huh.

Forever 21Chloe
Chie Mihara

Steve Madden

Nine West

Friday, August 22, 2008

happiest place on earth

disneyland. i manage to get down there every few years, and this summer i felt the tug of the mouse.
my friend val and myself decided to dress alike for the day. partly so we don't lose each other amongst the summer crowd, but mostly for the silliness. red american apparel skirts, so we looked like minnie, matching mouse ears included.
i still get the tingles of excitement as i go through the turnstile entrance. little has changed, although johnny depp has been added to the cast of the pirates ride (teeheehee). but the dry sarcasm of the jungle ride hosts, the hitch hiking ghosts at the end of the haunted mansion, the thrill of space mountain! its all there, thank god. it even smells the same: chlorinated water, cotton candy and sunscreen...
as i get older the design aspects are what i am drawn to rather than over-sized plush toys. especially the old attraction posters hanging int he tunnels on your way to main street from the entrance. val found some online at MouseShoppe for $42. can you imagine how much thought goes into a new ride? not just the ride itself, but the line you stand in to get to it?? all these dioramas, statues, buttons to push. not to mention how immaculate the landscaping is kept, and how there is NO garbage on the ground. the park was open until midnight, which we took full advantage of. i went on pirates twice. its really the perfect mini-vacation...

You've been lookin cute lately

If you can get past the awkward poses, Victoria's Secret has some pretty nice stuff. Prices are alright. I guess you can just go to H&M but whatever. Peep the ombre dress in the last pic, cute!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

advertising at its most artistic

if it weren't for project runway night at my friend megan's place, i would never have seen the diane von furstenburg american express card commercial. which would have been tragic because i LOVE this commercial. i do not have an american express card. i do not own a DvF dress. but the photography and references to nature, and how nature inspires one's own internal growth and discovery makes for a beautiful sequence that anyone can feel connected to. even if in the end it's still a credit card commercial...