Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i love the white stripes. jack white can do no wrong, musically and aesthetically. so when I decided to investigate who was behind their latest album art, i immediately became a fan of autumn de wilde. her photographs are whimsical, sometimes a bit dark, but always interesting. a talented photographer, graphic designer, and video director, she has quite an impressive list of subjects…

elliot smith, for whom she designed album covers, and who was also the subject of her book

rilo kiley
the mulleavy sisters, genius' of rodarte fame

...and the white stripes *sigh*

Monday, February 25, 2008

digging for salvation

this weekend, with a select few lady friends on hand, i dove into what i consider the jackpot of thrift. the alameda salvation army is a treasure trove, i have never left without a santa-claus-size bag of goodies slung over my shoulder. this time i managed to find a few excellent dresses and some vintage ferragamos!

i love them.
i think this is made of polyester, but the cut, especially around the shoulders if very interesting.
and it has POCKETS.

the pleats and the print are very sweet. alterations: remove prude triangle from neckline, shorten sleeves...
this coat fits perfectly! alterations: remove shoulder pads, replace buttons
i love big sweaters and i love the cosby show.
done and done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

i have my eye on

if today were my birthday and i had received a generous wad of cash, this would be my rainy day. it would go toward an exquisite jerome dreyfuss handbag. what a wildly inappropriate purchase you say. not quite, i say, my handbags are my toolbox. they brave all kinds of weather with all kinds of appliances tucked inside. mr. dreyfuss’ bags are made of thick, supple leather. the kind that gets the coveted patina seen on an olsen twin's bag…
the colors, the minimal embellishment, and the names make these perfect for us tomboys...
my favorite: the robert

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


These are hilariously cute. If only they still had the Willy Wonka.

clockwise from top: the Hoff, Adam & Eve, Ron Burgundy (Anchorman), The Golden Girls, Mr. T, Axl Rose, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Lisa (from Weird Science!) and Kiss (dude in center)

from etsy

I want these glasses

These are sooo cute. They are like a caricature of the wayfarers but by Grey Ant. I especially like the clear one. Grey Ant has been putting out some cool stuff lately. I always liked them but they were hard to find and some of their stuff didn't fit right because they had very different shapes and fits. Now their high waisted jeans are pretty hot. I wanna get some of them too hehe. Tried them on and they are nice and very comfortable. I have a feeling they might go on sale (the glasses) so I will wait a this one out a minute. Plus I don't even know how they look on me. Available at tobi & Oak NYC.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How High Waisted?

There's a lot of opinions about high waisted pants. As for us we kinda like it. It makes our legs look nice and long. Personally I think they are pretty damn comfortable and make me wanna curse low rise for making me want to constantly pull them up and creating the notorious muffin top (which I hope I never had). Check out the varying styles and see what works for you.

From left to right: Diesel, Anthropologie & some vintage army surplus brand

Price Upon Request

I love this coat I spotted in Elle's Feb 08 issue. It says its by Oscar de la Renta and "price upon request at select Neiman Marcus" which means 2 things to me. 1) its so expensive they can't even tell you and 2) yup, its definitely expensive since it's sold at Neiman Marcus. But it is so pretty (drool).

RIP Poloroid

The high tech world has no room for our friend the Poloroid camera. I guess we better stock up on film (right Sarah because I know how you love Poloroids). Poloroid has called it quits and will only produce electronics and digital cameras. Boo! Being a graphic designer I have used it countless times in projects and ads. Now what!

Here's the info via thinkcamera.com:

After 60 years of making instant pictures, Polaroid is peeling back from its film photography business. Polaroid quietly stopped manufacturing instant film cameras last year and will cease production of instant film altogether in 2009. The company will instead concentrate on its other interests, including selling Polaroid-branded digital cameras, digital photo frames and LCD televisions.

Edwin Land, er, developed the first practical instant-picture system in the late 1930s for his Polaroid company, at the time best known for its polarised sunglasses. The photographic system used film packs with built-in chemistry to deliver a print in less than a minute. Land's first camera and film system was released in 1948, with a range of innovative colour and black and white films following suit.

The Polaroid company famously (and successfully) sued Kodak over patent violations in the 1980s, and produced one of the first commercially available digital cameras, the PDC-2000 of 1996. However, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy in 2001, with a new company - the Polaroid Corporation - emerging from the ashes of the old.

Fujifilm - licensee of Polaroid's instant film technology - will continue to manufacture Polaroid-designed instant film under its Instax banner, as well as the FB100B and FB100C instant films for ID card printers and medium and large format camera systems.

dreaming of tom

being that it is valentine’s day, and possibly being that i'm a girl, my thoughts inevitably turn to jewelry. i haven’t quite gotten in to the whole tiffany jewelry craze. maybe that comes later? normally i’m drawn to arts and crafts, unexpected details, skulls… who better to pine for than tom binns (or his jewelry, rather)? hailing from ireland, his influences include the dada movement, and collaborations with none other than dame vivienne westwood…
though he has some modern minimalist pieces that would please the j.crew enthusiast,
i love his edgier pieces that incorporate vintage jewelry and found objects.

my favorite are his necklaces, particulary the carmen...i love how his necklaces are nests of different textures and color.
his earrings are pretty neat too...

Monday, February 11, 2008

saturday colors, sunday escape

to immerse myself in the good weather, saturday i ventured into the mission and was immediately loving the bright colors that seem to be missing in my neighborhood. notable stops included phil's coffee, buffalo exchange, dolores park, el farelito burrito...
sunday i escaped to santa cruz for a change of pace, and stumbled upon a flea market bursting first-rate vintage clothing. notable stops included streetlight records, jalapeno's burrito shop, flea market, steamers lane for a magnificent view of the pacific...
and the boardwalk...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Built By Wendy Spring 08

Yay my favorite brands new line is coming out February 15th. Too bad I wait til the stuff I want goes on sale before I even consider buying. Her stuff is definitely affordable. I've just been spoiled by H&M and Forever 21. Built by Wendy is still my fav for her unique styles that are totally wearable. Check out my pics!

This dress is so cute. Love the purple and green!

Gray and white checks so cool.

This looks comfy.

Reminds me of something Natalie Portman wore and she looks kinda like her too.