Monday, February 25, 2008

digging for salvation

this weekend, with a select few lady friends on hand, i dove into what i consider the jackpot of thrift. the alameda salvation army is a treasure trove, i have never left without a santa-claus-size bag of goodies slung over my shoulder. this time i managed to find a few excellent dresses and some vintage ferragamos!

i love them.
i think this is made of polyester, but the cut, especially around the shoulders if very interesting.
and it has POCKETS.

the pleats and the print are very sweet. alterations: remove prude triangle from neckline, shorten sleeves...
this coat fits perfectly! alterations: remove shoulder pads, replace buttons
i love big sweaters and i love the cosby show.
done and done.

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turlie said...

careful, grammie may steal those from you!