Friday, February 8, 2008

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

I've been sick so being at home I got the chance to watch the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentary on the Sundance channel that premiered on Monday (thank god for DVR). It was soooo good. I am happy that they included a lot of stuff from his own line as well and not just Louis Vuitton. The awesome thing about it was that they showed how his ideas formed and where they came from. This was all pretty incredible since he is notorious for being very private and not letting anyone into is his studios and life for that matter.

The beginning starts off with how they were able shoot him which is through his artistic advisor's mother. She got them access and acted as their "chaperone." He has a very close inner circle he works with. This is probably how he comes up with his consistently innovative and incredible collections. You need a good team you trust and who works without sleep just to get your collection out. Its funny how his team includes mainly older people in the sewing rooms. They remind me a lot of my family members who work in sewing factories. Wouldn't it be cool if your grandma or auntie worked for Marc Jacobs? That's crazy.

Well anyways here are a couple highlights (sorry I shot photos from my tv):

People that were at his shows (Wes Anderson, Dita Von Teese, Jade Jagger, etc)

He has this one guy who does his shoes. So they bring different heels to see what looks good by switching them around.
Then Marc sketches out what he was thinking (click image to see it bigger).And here is the final product!
This one he got his idea for a purse from the macaroons in the cafeteria he goes to everyday.

This is my favorite example from his own line. He started with this old vintage acrylic sweater.

Then it eventually turns into this really cool fitted sweater.

One of things that was asked of him is how he gets his ideas. He said it was pretty simple, "Think of something cliche...don't do it the way I exactly know's that simple." He also said this concept was very much like Sofia (as in Coppola). Pretty cool.

He also feels he is put in his place when it comes to the art world and sees himself at the bottom of the hierarchy with the artworld being at the top. But his idol, painter Elizabeth Peyton has told him and convinced him otherwise.

Marc seems like a really cool down to earth kinda guy who works his ass off. He is extremely innovative and had changed the fashion world forever. You go Marc!


turlie said...

this is an amazing documentry, saw several times last year and have dvd on order, another great doc is Lagerfeld Confidential....but it was a limited release and no word yet on the dvd release.

cheryln said...

Oh i gotta check that one out. I didn't know this documentary came out that long ago. I gotta check the Lagerfeld one out too thanks!