Friday, June 27, 2008

what i wore

i have a vintage dooney & bourke purse that i've been using lately. who doesnt love all-weather leather? the black and tan (or is it navy blue...) are two of my favorites together, so i decided to base an outfit around it. my results:
i apologize for the experimental background, i got a little carried away with the paint tool....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

She-Bible Discount

Remember when I posted the new season of She-Bible clothing. Well on their blog they said that if you send in pics of yourself rocking their clothes they'll give you a $25 discount. So of course I sent them one because I want more, more, more! Especially the jumpsuit. Here's the most comfortable, warmest, softest sweater ever, ever from She-Bible of course.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Darjeeling Luggage

Haven't seen the movie yet but found this picture of the luggage from the film. It was a collaboration between Wes Anderson, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton. Who would've guest they would collab on something?

Monday, June 23, 2008

top shop

uggggh i love everything on their site. today, my favorites were their band stand looks:polyester and viscose Cornelli Jacketdouble -breasted leather bomber jacket

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've been lusting this former model's brand Mayle for a while. Then I saw this gorgeous jacket and thought I'd share her loveliness.

Friday, June 20, 2008

etsy bitty bit

i have slowly but surely been adding new items to my etsy store. i'm in the process of tying up loose ends, or seams rather, on projects i've had lying around. keep your eyes peeled and your wallet ready...
crocheted gold wire necklacecropped cotton jacketcrocheted silk thread with copper beadsstriped cotton tote with leather details

Outfitted Accessories

My poor baby is sick today so I'm house arrest or shall I saw online arrest. Picked out some cuties at Urban Outfitters. Like to hear it. Here it goes...

1 My fav sneaker Nike Blazer in a classic colorway. The back is a cute retro stripe pattern.
2 Love this bag & its on sale for $24. Super casual.
3 Love this! Easy going, hands-free, versatile. On sale too from $198 to 69!
4 Something about this I love over some skinny jeans. Very avante garde.
5 Very cute. So Balenciaga meets Frye

6 Love this bag. Comes in 5 colors including navy!
7 Sweet & Cute. As seen in Gossip Girl.
8 Cute oversized clutch. As seen on Lindsey (who I don't jock may I add, she has her hits & misses)
9 New dunk highs from Nike. They've been coming with a lot for the ladies lately, including these Liberty Floral ones with the gum sole.
10 Sarah likes these (so do I). They look even bette
r in person. I think she should get 'em. I'm such a bad influence!
11 Cute shades but I REALLY want these RX style though.
12 I know they are out there but they are cute I swear (on me, well we'll see) I seen them on Jack Davey (but then again she can pull anything off) Also spotted them on Kitty from Picked Picks here & here

Friday, June 13, 2008

how to make a floral dress

i'm a terrible teacher. explicit directions have never flown from my mouth. but i wanted to post my process of making a dress. so though they arent guidelines on how to make a dress, it may inspire you to make your all began with a bolt of fabric i've had hidden away for years. the fabric is heavy cotton weave i purchased from a garage sale i found it while searching for something else, and became mesmerized by the fuschia, purple, and orange flowers. i immediately knew i had to work with it. i first considered a high-waisted pencil skirt, with pockets. but hell, why not go all out with a dress? i worked out a sketch that eventually became a wide-strapped, high-waisted sun dress....i employed the help of fanny the manequin for pinning purposes. this proved to be tricky, as fanny is much more endowed than i. the hardest part was figuring out the way the straps would lay with the rest of the bust fabric. hand-stitching was required to get the straps secured without an ugly seam.i wanted the skirt to have angled pleat pockets, which tooks some trial and error. the back part of the pocket needs to incorporate the shape of the skirt edge, while dipping down as far as you want the pocket to go. in the past i've accidentally made them way too shallow, only an M&M would fit.
after the pockets were squared away, i wanted to do 2 pleats on either side in the front, 4 in all. and only 2 in the back. no need to emphasize anything back there....
after the pleats were pinned, i attached bottom to top with one seam. the next step, and sometimes the most frustrating, was to attach a zipper. the trick is to sew the seam all the way up where the zipper will be installed. that keeps the fabric nice and tight. then once the zipper is sewn on, take a seam-ripper and worker the thread out until half an inch from the bottom of the zipper. with a short, hand-stitched hem, the dress is done!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FCUK sale

Don't think I own anything from here because I feel they are a bit overpriced. I do however always find cute stuff here. Check out my picks...

These 2 I liked but the dumb site won't let me switch to see the other colors.

oldies but goodies

my recent introduction to ebay has proved detrimental to my wallet. however, in defense of my weakness, i've managed to add a few impressive vintage pieces to my wardrobe. this is much in part due to StarLuxe Vintage, an online vintage store run by the savviest of thrift store diggers, debbie chapman. she ventured into ebay selling territory a few years ago, and has found success with the unique vintage clothing StarLuxe has to offer. i was permitted to take a few photos...
debbie showing off a new item: an i.magnin patchwork skirta rack of currently posted items....since she is relocating from the bay area to the LA area, she threw a few pieces my way to lighten the load. the floral sundress on the left, has adjustable straps, which she seems to find a lot of. belt is vintage anne klein. the gloriously RED polyster coat dress, complete with pockets, is my favorite of the lot... newsboy hat and quilted leather wristletwing-tip oxfords i had bought from the site. the few pairs of shoes i got from starluxe have been in immaculate condition...a gaggle of belts. debbie predicts woven belts, of which she has many, as the next big thing...

Friday, June 6, 2008

What I bought

Here are the 2 things I got at the sample sale:
This thick knit striped tee with the logo on the side.
Orig $130 Sale $30

Here it is on the model
Then I got this shift dress that I thought was totally sold out. Its a pirate ship and connecting sails motif made of linen I think. Anyways, I was in line with my pile of clothes when someone put it at the rack in front of me. The person in front of me grabbed it and the thing behind it and held it up for awhile. I was like shit shit shit. Then she put it back and kept the thing behind it. So I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to kindly give it to me!! I love love love it. It's so comfy and cool. Its at the perfect length and my size. Woot woot!
Orig $180 Sale $90
It has pockets!

When I first saw it online I wanted the black one but pink is way better!

I came I saw I shopped

Yes I made it there and yes it was a madhouse. I had no idea what it was gonna be like. Luckily there was not a line out the door. They did however lock the door a lil after I got there because there was no room to breath. The store was smaller than the LA store but seemed perfect for their stock, just not for a sample sale mob.

Anyways when I first got in there was already a line to the door for 1 of the 2 dressing rooms. I ended up behind that blond lady there. It was an L shaped store so here's the view from the front door (and back of the line).
Here's the other side of the store. As you can see many just skipped the dressing room and started trying things on right there by that display table. I can't front because I too tried on a shirt and coat there because I was not trying to get back in that line. You see when you get in you just have to grab what you can plus get a couple of sizes of it because its first come first serve baby. So when I got outta the dressing room there was new stuff people had put back. Which is where I got lucky...

What did I get you ask? I will post it up when I get home. I left work to attend this event just for 2 hours when it was supposed to be 1. But it was worth it indeed. I ended up with a dress I been feenin for and a nice tee. More to come...

the city in bloom

though its nearly summer (the first day is june 20), the city is saturated in spring, or so i felt on my morning walk. i passed by the sweetest patch of pansies! i had an urge to curl up in them...
the window at molte cose on polk st. was blooming with frothy vintage dresses..
i could see this as the setting of a judy garland musical. the dress is made of delicate leaf-patterned lace with 3 peach ribbons at the waist...
i think this is actually a slip, but certainly could be worn as a dress. would look perfect with ballet flats.... june bridal accessories and trinkets...