Friday, June 6, 2008

What I bought

Here are the 2 things I got at the sample sale:
This thick knit striped tee with the logo on the side.
Orig $130 Sale $30

Here it is on the model
Then I got this shift dress that I thought was totally sold out. Its a pirate ship and connecting sails motif made of linen I think. Anyways, I was in line with my pile of clothes when someone put it at the rack in front of me. The person in front of me grabbed it and the thing behind it and held it up for awhile. I was like shit shit shit. Then she put it back and kept the thing behind it. So I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to kindly give it to me!! I love love love it. It's so comfy and cool. Its at the perfect length and my size. Woot woot!
Orig $180 Sale $90
It has pockets!

When I first saw it online I wanted the black one but pink is way better!

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