Friday, June 6, 2008

I came I saw I shopped

Yes I made it there and yes it was a madhouse. I had no idea what it was gonna be like. Luckily there was not a line out the door. They did however lock the door a lil after I got there because there was no room to breath. The store was smaller than the LA store but seemed perfect for their stock, just not for a sample sale mob.

Anyways when I first got in there was already a line to the door for 1 of the 2 dressing rooms. I ended up behind that blond lady there. It was an L shaped store so here's the view from the front door (and back of the line).
Here's the other side of the store. As you can see many just skipped the dressing room and started trying things on right there by that display table. I can't front because I too tried on a shirt and coat there because I was not trying to get back in that line. You see when you get in you just have to grab what you can plus get a couple of sizes of it because its first come first serve baby. So when I got outta the dressing room there was new stuff people had put back. Which is where I got lucky...

What did I get you ask? I will post it up when I get home. I left work to attend this event just for 2 hours when it was supposed to be 1. But it was worth it indeed. I ended up with a dress I been feenin for and a nice tee. More to come...

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