Thursday, January 31, 2008

Me too.

About me. hmmm. I am a new mommy, designer (graphic and clothing) and an obsessive collector (of toys, clothes, shoes, books). Born and raised in the Bay Area. I am a big nerd. I am inspired by books, people, music, movies and art. Fashion is a big part of my life because it's my personal expression, it's fun and it's creative.

I enjoy...

ART. My most favorite painter is Wifredo Lam. His work is amazing and his background is even more amazing and breathtaking.

MUSIC. I love music. All kinds (almost). Mainly hip hop, jazz and new stuff/genres. And of course Star Wars (see photo).

Lauryn Hill. I know she's "wacko" but to me she is articulate, beautiful, stylish, and incredibly talented. She's definitely an icon.

SNEAKERS & SHOES. I am a shoe geek. nuff said.

So I guess that's it. For now.

to begin

i am a collector. i collect photographs, swatches of material, postcards, knick-knacks, rocks, but most of all, clothes. i am no stranger to the exhilarating high one experiences after a pricey purchase. however, i am at my best when probing thrift stores, digging through garage sales, scouring target, and sewing my own pieces. i’m in it for the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of the kill.
i dress to amuse myself, and i am quite lucky to have a cluster of friends who do the same (like the inimitable ms. cheryln). inspiration comes from novels, music, local art, drugstore makeup aisles, family, friends, DIY, san francisco... so all in all, this is a collection of my collections.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


welcome to our blog dedicated to fashion, people, art & the happenings of the bay area. enjoy.