Thursday, February 7, 2008

polk street mornings

this bright and sunny morning i brought my camera on my usual stroll to work, and did a wee bit of window shopping and people watching…
these lovely ladies were so natural and cool, one minimal, the other playful...
left: the blue dress is simple, the draping neat, the hue is beautiful... her ferragamo shoes are perfect! very rarely do i see granny-style look classy, it's usually overdone in an i've-watched-harold and maude-too-many-times kind of way
(not to bash that film, it was after all, filmed here in sf..)
right: example of perfect layering while looking natural. the peppermint coat is my favorite
(part of my obsession with the white stripes perhaps)... her tan sandals are the crowning detail.

window shopping:
this red jacket may be found at cat seto, a light and friendly boutique with clothing (both lady and baby), dainty jewelry, and paper goods
mary jane spotted at in lieu, in which i have never been (off work too late)

these bottom two are packed with fun trinkets, candy, and the like. top kissmet, bottom la place du soleil


Nylonist said...

I think taking pictures of stores through windows is tacky! JK. Love those figures and the classy granny chick. "When Frumpy boobs were all the rage!"

turlie said...

LOL - talk about small world - I stopped by Soleil early last month with some friends......and I actually have that pale blue cake pedestal in the window....its made buy Rosanna, i just bough a whole bunch of xmas dishes from her.....