Friday, May 9, 2008

Can't leave ebay alone

Yes I got back into ebay again. Seems like I keep fallin' in & outta love with this site. Lately it has been on my good side and I have been fiendishly searching it like everyday. Shame on me. Oh well. Here's some stuff that have caught my eye...

Just won this lovely APC shirt.
Also got these Bally boots! So pretty. I think they retail for $740 but I got them for $300
with option to return if I change my mind. Haven't gotten it yet but I hope they fit!I returned the other boot I posted previously. They were beautiful but the calves were too big (and I never have that problem with my calves!)

Missed out on this. Boo hoo.

I am watching this one. It's now at like $21. Love the little horses!

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