Friday, October 24, 2008

urban outfitters

the store has been around since the 90s (eek!) i remember going there in the 7th grade, still trapped in the catholic school uniform regime, and feeling like i had been living under a rock. i immediately loved it. since then, its become a reliable source when i need something fun (i also rely on the site for haircut inspiration). they are so reliable, in fact, that an outfit can be made in a few minutes (online anway). this is what i came up with in 15 minutes.

dolce vita adriana dress $198. boat necks are really appealing lately, they are feminine and classy, and i love the colors. i dont know why the model is making an angelina jolie face.
faux fur pillbox hat $28 ben sherman portobello coat $198crochet top over the knee sock $12buckle western skimmer $39.99 (was $88!) i love love love these! they are so 80s victorian/goth i could see the "dark character" in some john hughes movie or the original degrassi high wearing them...

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