Wednesday, October 22, 2008


allegedly, i am named after sarah bernhardt (october 22, 1844 – march 26, 1923), “the most famous actress in the history of the world.” she appeared in plays, operas- for whom a few were specifically written, and some of the first silent films...
her background is questionable (born in paris, father unknown; born in iowa, ran away to paris?) however, she lived a fascinating life: secret affairs, a morphine-addled marriage, an acting injury that ended with the amputation of her right leg (P.T. Barnum reportedly offered her $10,000 to put the limb on display, to which she refused). she was a fixture of the french art nouveau scene, with artist friends (like gustave doré and georges clarin, writer victor hugo) and she always looked glamorous, on and off the stage: frilly lace, velvet, feathers, bows, jewels... bernhardt's portrait by georges rochegrossemy favorite outfit, she looks wicked...portrait by alphonse mucha

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