Monday, October 20, 2008

hometown favorites

this weekend i spent in alameda with the family. saturday morning my mom and i went garage sailing (one of our favorite sports). we're always on the hunt for vintage fabric and knitting needles, and random sewing supplies. we had luck on our side because one of the stops had vintage fabric, which we bought 5 swatches of, and vintage CLOTHES!!! i grabbed a few dresses, a skirt and a blouse...we continued on to the alameda naval air base, where a book sale was being held in one of the old ballrooms.
the base is no longer active, but is a neat/spooky spot to cruise, being that there are so many empty buildings and houses. the book sale was a success as well, i had to stop myself and avert my eyes as i made my way to the check out line...when i got home i ran upstairs with one of the fabric swatches and sketched a simple trapeze dress. the fabric, which is rayon, is the perfect dress fabric: it drapes well and breathes like cotton the trickiest part was the collar and getting it to lay flat, which i sort of did by cutting it in a half-circle shape.finished and debuting on this autumny monday morning...

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val said...

so pretty, love it! i need to commission you to make me something purrrty ;)