Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Shopping

I always thought shopping off the Home Shopping Network was kinda cheesy but I guess shopping online is pretty much the same. ( except selection is different & you have a dangerously unlimited selection to choose and go broke from) Here's what I got online this past few weeks:

I just got this in the mail from ebay. The color is so much prettier in person. Just washed it but haven't tried it on. Luckily I got that vintage smell out. I think I paid about $30 including shipping. Found this off of the Victoria's Secret site believe it or not. I was looking for a swimming suit but thought I'd browse around because they always have at least one really cool thing. I love the pockets and have been looking for a cool, unique menswear inspired jacket. It was $88 (my swimsuit was $28! talk buying more than what u came for)

Here are some other ones I found on YesStyle:

These boots I saw a woman wearing on the bus on the way home from work. I was eyeing them the whole ride on the bus. It had these gold accents on them and the color was so rich and striking. So of course I went home and just thought I might browse the usual shoe sites for them.

It took me like 5 mins to find them on Piperlime. The good thing about online shopping is you can look for a cheaper price without hurting your feet. So I googled the shoe name and style "franco sarto branzino" and found it for like $130 on this site called

I later saw them on another woman around the same area which makes sense because they just opened a Franco Sarto store at the Embarcadero (about a year ago). His shoes are the best for their comfort, yet stylish quality. The're like Aerosoles and Naturalizer but on more of a Nine West, Charles David tip. hehe.

More from Franco Sarto:

I think I need these. I love the bow!

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