Sunday, March 30, 2008

Local Company - She-bible

Found this great local clothing company She-bible a few years ago and have been lovin' them ever since. I only own one thing from them but just purchased another recently after thinkin' about it so long that only this one shop I found online MavoPavo still had it in my size. I love them for many reasons. (1) they are from SF & also make all products here (2) they name their clothing after places and things around there too (3) there products are really well made / very thick (4) most / all products are now organic (5) they are always having a sale

Check out some of their stuff...
this is the one I got . they don't have it anymore but i think it was 100
Treasure Island Tee was $88 now $55
Seacliff Coat was $180 now $110
Parkside Jacket was $180 now $110
Mt. Dave Sweatshirt was $150 now $70

I just ordered this from since they were sold out everywhere. I found a 40% coupon on their myspace page that didn't have an expiration. Turns out it was expired but I emailed them and to let them know and they honored the discount! How cool is that! Can't wait to get it. It looks so warm and comfy.

$180 now $135 + 40% off !

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