Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So I'm a shopaholic which means that I buys tons of clothes I don't need. Thank god there's Crossroads Trading. If you don't already know they let you buy sell and trade used clothing. I like them better than Buffalo Exchange (they do the same stuff) because they are a little cleaner and seems like I get more money for my clothes. My favorite one in the city, there are a bunch, is the one in the Castro on Market. They seem to buy more and have cooler stuff that I can trade for.

Anyways, I went there this pass weekend with 5 big shopping bags in tow of clothes I should have never bought in the first place. I made a lovely 300 bucks which may have been more had I not laid my eyes on this beauty. Yes its a lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs Navy blue dress in my size! It was $55 cash but since I traded my old clothes (a little cheaper than that). They work by giving you instead of taking cash for your clothes, you can choose to trade. So I got 50% of the price they'd sell for in the store.

Oh and here's a similar dress I got at Forever 21 a few weeks before in black and gray.

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